Mountain Culture Group Features KORE in its Article “Outdoor Gear From Here”

The parent company of Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine has written about KORE, Canada’s First Craft Outdoor Gear Alliance.

Mountain Culture Group recently featured KORE in an article on its website entitled “Outdoor Gear from Here: Introducing Kootenay Outdoor Recreation Enterprise.” The parent company of the popular Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine writes in its October 30 article, “As the world moves towards more sustainably made, locally designed and manufactured products, consumers are increasingly spending their money on goods with a story that resonates with them. That sensibility has been difficult with outdoor gear, as most hard and soft goods come from larger companies with global supply chains. But that’s changing: the Kootenay region is a hot spot, effectively leading this charge in North America.”

The story goes on to describe the non-profit KORE by saying, “a group of Kimberley-based outdoor influencers, politicians, and business people, in partnership with the Kimberley Community Development Society, recently launched the Kootenay Outdoor Recreation Enterprise (KORE), in an effort to give independent craft gear makers a hub to share ideas, collaborate, and access resources, like business coaching, fundraising, and marketing.”


The article mentions the variety of gear KORE represents, everything from light-weight tents to customer skis and snowboards, and then features two members of the KORE community including Cam Shute (seen above), the owner of Dark Horse Innovations.) It also discusses how the first phase of KORE’s vision is to bring together the outdoor-manufacturing community in the Kootenays but that the resulting benefits will be to attract gear manufacturers, thereby creating more jobs and disposable income in the Kootenay region, as well as an additional tax base for the municipalities.”

The chair of KORE’s board of directors, Matt Mosteller, is quoted in the story saying, ““Everything you can think of that is required for outdoor gear in raw, wild, and breathtaking natural landscapes is made here.”

The Mountain Culture Group Story Haus is the agency behind creating KORE’s brand messaging and communications strategy and according to co-owner Mitchell Scott, ““KORE will help cultivate a fast-emerging and absolutely legitimate new business sector in the Kootenays, one that aligns with, and adds to, the robust culture of entrepreneurialism that makes this region so unique. Plus, like buying local foods, you’ll be able to outfit yourself with some sick local gear.”

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