Thread the Needle

Thread the Needle

Where: Golden, BC

Year Established: 2019


Owner: Noemie Roy

Thread the Needle is a sewing company specializing in the repair and alteration of outdoor clothing and equipment. We offer a wide range of sewing services, providing our customers with safe and functional gear.

Give us a brief description of your manufacturing processes and philosophy.

Thread the Needle is born from the desire to make a change in people’s habits of consumption and creating an enterprise with a passion for sewing. This business is driven by a strong belief of giving a second life to outdoor gear and reducing consumer waste. It is also driven by a passion for outdoor activities: we help like-minded adventurers by extending the life of their gear so they can enjoy their favourite activities.

How many employees and/or contractors do you work with?


What brought you to the Kootenays and how long have you been here?

As an adventure seeker, I recently completed my first bike-tour: a 7,000-kilometre journey across Canada. During this trip I discovered the magic of Golden, BC and made it my home where I began one of my biggest adventures: creating an outdoor gear repair business.

Tell us about the history and relative work experience of your founder(s).

As a professionally trained seamstress and outdoor enthusiast, the transition to creating an outdoor gear repair business came naturally. Becoming an entrepreneur, working for myself, supporting the reduction of consumer textile waste, and helping outdoor enthusiasts to become more environmentally friendly with their gear, appeared to be the best route for me. It provides me with the opportunity to challenge myself and expand my experiences as a seamstress, manager, and leader of innovative ideas and environmentally friendly business practices.

Describe the mission, vision, goals, and aspirations of your company.

Thread the Needle’s mission is to give a second life to outdoor clothing and equipment while its vision is to be a local leader in the global movement of textile waste reduction. Our goal is to provide our customers with professional outdoor gear repairs, along with the opportunity to participate in the cultural shift of a sustainable textile industry.