Outdoor Gear Repair

Outdoor Gear Repair

Where: Kimberley, BC

Year Established: 2023

Website: 604-815-8843

Owner: Jasmine Loh

We specialize in sewing, patching, component replacement, and minor modifications to outdoor clothing and equipment. We also do basic shoe and leather repairs.

Give us a brief description of your manufacturing processes and philosophy.

My process is the following:

  1. Assess potential repair (in-hand is ideal but photos work too)
  2. Give customer cost estimate/turnaround time (average 1-2 weeks)
  3. Restore technical clothing and gear to original functionality using quality, outdoor-industry-specific materials. I can receive items in person, at drop off locations, or through the mail.

The overall goal is to reduce textile and plastic waste and to empower customers and support the desire to maintain and repair their most loved items while understanding they have become attached to them and depend on them.

How many employees and/or contractors do you work with?

Currently there is one employee.

What brought you to the Kootenays and how long have you been here?

The more relaxed pace and culture of a small mountain towns and an outdoor-focused lifestyle is what brought me here 14 years ago.

Tell us about the history and relative work experience of your founder(s).

I spent 10 years in the outdoor retail industry at MEC. I’m also a sea kayaking, hiking and bear viewing guide, as well as a NOLS Instructor. I’ve had to maintain guiding gear and did field repairs during extended trips. I have a passion for fixing things: I’ve repaired my own gear and that of friends for decades now and I’ve taken the Introduction to Warranty Level Repairs and Sewing course at the Gear Restore in Calgary, Alberta.

Describe the mission, vision, goals, and aspirations of your company.

We are a full-time, year-round, sustainable business with a reputation for quality, durable, warranty-level repairs.