Jackalope Bikes

Jackalope Bikes

Where: Revelstoke, BC

Year Established: 2021

Instagram: @jackalopebikes

Owner: Jack Sutter (pictured above)

We create semi-custom chromoly steel gravel and mountain bikes. We also do branded soft goods, tools, and widgets.

Give us a brief description of your manufacturing processes and philosophy.

I build bicycles that blur the lines of traditional bike genres, made specifically for adventures in the Kootenay region.

How many employees and/or contractors do you work with?

Just myself for now, but I have a solid network of people in Revelstoke helping out. Jeff Polster of RUX has been helping me break into the CAD and 3D printing world to take the bikes to the next level. I plan to hire more employees in the future as we ramp up production.

What brought you to the Kootenays and how long have you been here?

I moved from the US to BC in 2018. I worked with Joyride Bike Parks in Whistler before moving to Revelstoke where I worked in the ski industry before settling into my new shop where I started Jackalope in 2021.

Tell us about the history and relative work experience of your founder(s).

I grew up in Reno, Nevada. Whether it was car audio, ski building, motorcycle fabrication, or trail construction, I was always busy designing and building stuff. My passion for creation was launched into another dimension when I discovered metalworking in high school. From there I went to college for Architectural Design while also taking welding and machine shop classes. After working at Moment Skis, I realized the potential for designing, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing a product in the same place.

Describe the mission, vision, goals, and aspirations of your company.

I want to grow Jackalope into a 5-10 person operation and manufacture 100-500 bikes per year. I am planning a full suspension mountain bike which utilizes 3D printed stainless steel lugs. I believe that onshore manufacturing is the future. Technological accessibility and teamwork empower smaller companies and will lead us to a more sustainable future.