eTrikes Canada

eTrikes Canada

Where: Kimberley, BC

Year Established: 2018


Owners: Jim Cunnington and Grant Sharam

We are an importer and national distributer of electric trikes for adults.

Give us a brief description of your manufacturing processes and philosophy.

We work with several electric trike manufacturers from around the world for both recreational and commercial markets. Our e-trikes need to meet specific requirements that are unique to Transport Canada. Neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, our trikes represent remarkably high value for money and are constructed with name brand components such as Shimano, Tektro, Kenda and Bafang.

How many employees and/or contractors do you work with?

Two of us work in the head office/showroom with four sales and service reps around the country.

What brought you to the Kootenays and how long have you been here?

In Jim’s case, it was family that drew him to Kimberley 10 years ago after a stint of 15 years in Australia. Grant moved from Canmore in 2009 because Kimberley offered all the same amenities but with more of a friendly, hometown feel.

Tell us about the history and relative work experience of your founder(s).

Grant is originally from Australia and holds a master’s degree from Sydney University. He has a history of founding and operating successful businesses in both Australia and Canada. Working with Flight Centre International, Grant built a successful wholesale arm that was copied worldwide as well as an inhouse ticket consolidation division with a $30 million turnover by year three. In Canada, Grant founded Drum Café Alberta leading corporate team building sessions for Top 500 Companies. He also established Canmore Wine Merchants, a landmark boutique retail wine store.

After graduating from OCAD in Toronto, Jim soon ended up in Sydney, Australia cutting his teeth with a publicly listed POS and e-commerce software company managing a team of developers and designers that grew from 5 to over 90 in less than two years. From there he moved on to co-found what would become a globally recognized and multi-award-winning digital marketing agency, Aura Interactive. Fifteen years later Canada was calling and Jim ended up in Kimberley where he had family. After a few years back in the digital marketing space Jim and Grant had numerous opportunities to work together, which ultimately led to the founding of eTrikes Canada.

Describe the mission, vision, goals, and aspirations of your company.

To bring sustainable mobility and transport solutions to Canada’s recreational and commercial market. And to help Canada move towards a greener, healthier, and more affordable form of transport.