Assiniboine Design

Assiniboine Design

Where: Fernie, BC

Year Established: 2018


Owner: Cory Hein

We specialize in mountain décor and design as well as CNC router services.

Give us a brief description of your manufacturing processes and philosophy.

I have a 5×8-foot CNC router which I use with hand tools to design and build products that are unique, niche and fit into a mountain/outdoor lifestyle. My current goal is to manufacture everything I sell and keep materials local if possible.

How many employees and/or contractors do you work with?


What brought you to the Kootenays and how long have you been here?

100 percent snowboarding. I’ve lived here since 2007.

Tell us about the history and relative work experience of your founder(s).

I spent 10 years in mine maintenance practicing mechanical engineering. This ranged from projects, reliability, and trades supervision. Architecture and design have always been a hobby of mine and I decided to take a break from mining and start a small company focused on passion projects as well as snowboarding.