University of Arkansas Professor
to Speak at KORE Summit 2023

KORE is excited to announce Phil Shellhammer of the University of Arkansas will be presenting at the KORE Outdoor Rec-tec Summit taking place in Kimberley, British Columbia October 11-13, 2023.

Phil is a professor who has helped spearhead the Greenhouse Outdoor Recreation Program (GORP), a business incubator that has helped turn Northwest Arkansas into a regional hub for outdoor enthusiasts and businesses catering to the industry.

“Over the past decade, the outdoor recreation industry in Northwest Arkansas has experienced remarkable growth… that has not only led to the development of world-class trails, parks, and recreational facilities but has also spawned a thriving ecosystem of outdoor-focused businesses, from gear manufacturers to adventure tour operators,” Phil says. “Moreover, the region’s commitment to sustainability and conservation has further solidified its reputation as a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor recreation destination. As the industry continues to flourish, Northwest Arkansas is poised to remain a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and nature lovers alike, fostering economic opportunities and a deep connection to the great outdoors.”

The achievements witnessed in Northwest Arkansas owe their success to a collaborative endeavour involving local government and various organizations united in their pursuit of a shared vision: transforming Northwest Arkansas into the “best place to live.” In his presentation, Phil will explore the journey taken by this region, the pivotal contributors who played a vital role in crafting its identity as the “Mountain Biking Capital of the World,” and the accomplishments of GORP in nurturing innovative concepts into thriving, sustainable business models.

Aside from his work with GORP, Phil is also the Senior Director of Business Incubation at the Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and an Adjunct Professor in the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Venture Innovation (SEVI) Department at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.  In this capacity, he shepherds multiple startup incubators within a variety of industries, including outdoor recreation, medical device, and software, along with leading the region’s Venture Mentoring Service and multiple co-working locations to support the entrepreneurship community of NW Arkansas.

But Phil’s main focus is stewarding GORP, which has successfully nurtured and mentored over 200 outdoor recreation entrepreneurs, offering them a comprehensive array of a la carte support services or an enriching semi-annual 12-week cohort program.

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Prior to this role, Phil built a 20-year career focused within the retail and consumer products industries.  He was considered a strong executive leader with a broad skillset in Merchandising, Pricing, Strategy, New Business Development and Digital Solution Creation.  With extensive career stops working for Sam’s Club, Best Buy and Procter & Gamble, Phil was known for building strong teams that had a positive impact on the company bottom line.

Phil graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  He has been married to his wife Carly for over 27 years, and together they have three children.  Outside of time with his family and his current career, Phil enjoys camping, hiking, cycling and outdoor photography.  He is also currently on the boards of Arkansas Athletes Outreach (AAO), a local non-profit using sports to reach and support the children in the local community and Students Acquiring Knowledge through Enterprise (SAKE), a business leadership course and experience at the University of Arkansas.