KORE Members Can Now Enjoy

Discounted Shipping Rates

Part of KORE’s mission is to provide its members with group benefits by taking advantage of economies of scale. We’re excited to announce the first such benefit is related to something all of us here in the Kootenays deal with: shipping.

As of February 2024, KORE members now enjoy 10% off starter rates with Freghtcom, a web-based shipping company that already offers the cheapest rates in Canada. KORE board member Christian Rawles says his company, Ambler Mountain Works, and their two domestic factories have been using Freightcom for the past five years and “It’s the best shipping rates I’ve been able to find in Canada. It’s worth signing up for even if you only ship a couple times a year.”

A KORE-specific landing page has been created here: www.freightcom.com/Kore.  Once signed up, a Freightcom representative will be in touch within 24 hours to get your account set up and answer any questions you have. Christian says that’s another benefit of Freightcom: they have dedicated customer service representatives and “I’ve had the same one for years.” Below is a list of other benefits to signing up with Freightcom for small Kootenay businesses.

11 Benefits of Using Freightcom

  • Freightcom offers the cheapest courier rates in Canada.

  • With the KORE member discount of 10%, rates are even cheaper.

  • It’s easy to use.

    Freightcom is web based, can be plugged it into a Shopify store, and is linked to your credit card.

  • Anything can be shipped.

    From envelopes to palettes, Freightcom will deal with every type of package and shipment.

  • Freightcom is linked to all the major couriers.

    The big couriers such as FedEx, Purolator, and UPS base prices on volume. Freightcom deals with volume and offers these savings to small companies.

  • They have dedicated customer service representatives.

  • You’re not limited to shipping at certain times.

  • It’s much cheaper than Canada Post.

    Even families use Freightcom because its rates are so much cheaper than Canada Post.

  • Freightcom will pick up packages right at your door.

  • Freightcom is a Canadian company.

  • Freightcom offers domestic, cross-border and international shipping.

Shipping challenges are one of the main points that came out of KORE’s roundtable discussions with Kootenay members last summer, which is understandable given the remoteness of the region. We learned that sourcing rates from multiple carriers is time-consuming but necessary given the high rates involved with low-volume shipping to and from the Kootenays. Freightcom offers an optimized one-stop shipping platform that works with all the leading Canadian and International shipping companies to offer a wide range services including domestic and cross-border freight and international courier.

For more about Freightcom’s shipping solutions, visit freightcom.com/KORE.