Kootenay Approved & Inspired:

Meet Pat of Ghostrider Equipment

It’s been less than a year since  Ghostrider Equipment hit the market but it’s already made huge in-roads with national retailers and regional bike shops. This is the key to the company’s success.

Pat Simpson trained as a mechanical engineer and worked with every aspect of machine design from 3D CAD to laser cutting.  Then, in 2012 he moved his family to Fernie, British Columbia for the epic snow and he now designs, prototypes, and manufactures niche, high-quality products for off-road cyclists including the Kermode bear spray holder. Not only is it designed in the Kootenays, but Pat stresses that “Everything is made in beautiful Fernie, BC.”

Below is our conversation with Pat about what inspired the launch of Ghostrider Equipment and why it’s Kootenay Approved.

Hey Pat, thanks for chatting with us. First question: what makes your business unique?

The first thing that comes to mind is our attention to detail. Plus, we have the ability to evolve our product on very short notice from client feedback, which makes us very nimble.

What are some awards, accolades, or milestones you’ve achieved since starting your business?

We received our first big order from Mountain Equipment Company this past fall and were super stoked when it happened!

How do the Kootenays help shape the work you do?

Being surrounded by Kootenay bike shops and riders that really care about locally designed and manufactured gear was monumental in getting this business off the ground. Beyond buying my product, they gave me valuable feedback on the product itself and also the packaging. Living in the Kootenay mountains is also a great source of inspiration and having immediate access to bike trails and ski slopes makes product development so much easier.

What’s the best part about living in the Kootenays?

Awesome people. Awesome environment. And great snow!

What are your favourite outdoor pursuits to do in the Kootenays? Where do you do them?

In the summer, I love mountain biking on the trails across BC and Alberta. During the winter months, ski touring takes main stage

What’s next for your company?

In 2024, it’s optimizing our current product and manufacturing processes. We are also planning on developing 1-2 new products that will be released in 2025.

For more about Pat’s company Ghostrider Equipment, visit his maker page: koreoutdoors.org/makers/ghostrider-equipment.